Chautha (Shanti Homam)

Upon death, the soul leaves the body. It journeys into Moksha or the next birth based on its Karma as judged by God, the Almighty.

As per the Vedas, the concept of ‘Shraadh’ (श्राद्ध) refers to the period when the person was alive – being treated with mutual respect, taking care, fulfilling their physical & psychological needs. There is no major samskaar stipulated after the death of a person. However, as a mark of respect to the departed soul, Shanti Homam (Chautha) may be organized. Traditionally, it has been held on the 4th day or 12th day but nowadays this is kept more flexible.

Prayer meeting / Chautha can be performed at the residence of the Yajmaan or at the Arya Samaj premises.

Fee – We request a contribution of Rs. 1,000/- to cover the Purohit dakshina, and other administrative overheads. Ceremonial materials are to be separately organized by you. If you would like us to arrange for same, we can do so as well. Also, request you to either arrange for the Purohit’s local conveyance at your end or reimburse the same based on actuals.

Arya Samaj premises – If you would like to hold the Prayer meeting at Arya Samaj premises, an additional amount of Rs. 1,000/- is payable towards usage of hall and basic havan materials (ghee, samidha and samagri).

Death Anniversary – Simple Shanti Homam is also held on death anniversaries to pay our respect and remember the departed soul. A contribution of Rs. 1,000/- may be made to cover the Purohit dakshina, and other administrative overheads. Again ceremonial materials and local conveyance for the Purohit can either be arranged at your end, or reimbursed on actuals if you would like us to organize the same.

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