Book Samskaars

Arya Samaj, Chennai has multiple Purohits (Priests) who are well qualified to conduct various Samskaars / Hawans (Agnihotra), which can be organized either at the Arya Samaj premises or at your residence / office / any other location.

Our core mission is to spread the true Vedic way of life, which strongly advocates simple, minimalistic and meaningful rituals which can be conducted by all. We stipulate a certain amount for various Samskaars to cover the direct costs (including Purohit dakshina) associated with it. However, we will be more than happy to conduct it for free as well, in case of genuine financial constraints. On the other hand, if you wish to give more than the minimum stipulated amount, kindly come forward and do so directly to the Arya Samaj (Donate here) enabling us to effectively carry forward our multiple social outreach programs.

You can reach out to us on or +91-9940356551 for additional information.

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